RADICAL SELF LOVE! A Pre-Valentines Day Self Love Workshop.


“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first” Carrie Bradshaw

Valentine’s Day is a day that causes many singles anxiety; however it doesn’t have to be. This workshop is dedicated to women who would like to focus on gaining more self love than they can stand. Whether you are single or coupled up, this workshop is for YOU!

Join me in this JOURNEY TO SELF LOVE workshop where you will join forces with other women who are also seeking greater self-love for themselves. This will be an intimate workshop focused on sharing, connecting and engaging in guided activities that will ignite your heart’s deepest emotion – Love.

Light Refreshments will be provided.  Register at https://radicalselfloveworkshop.eventbrite.com



Dream Board New


Do you feel stuck and unsure of your goals? Do you have goals and want some clarity on making them a reality? Do you want to network with other women? Or do you just want a space to create intensions for the new year? If any of these questions ring true for you, then this is the perefect workshop for you.

An Intentions Dream Board is a portable collage of  images and inspirational words representing goals and things you  choose to create in your life. The more clearly you can visualize the story of your vision and goals the stronger the attraction to those things!

During this workshop you will be guided through a meditation to get clear about what you want in your life. You will also be coached on identfiying areas of your life that are not in alignmnet with your values. You will also learn goal setting techniques and create a plan for achieving your goals.

Benefits of Visioning and a Dream Intentions Board

1. Helps you get clear about your  goals, dreams and aspirations.

2. Activates your imagination (subconscious mind) which is one of the most important aspects of manifesting what it is you choose to experience in your life.

3. You focus on what it is you choose rather then what you don’t want or have, thus you are creating what you choose!

4. It’s a daily reminder of what delicious stuff you are creating! Keeps you focused on and connected to your goals. Helps keep you in divine inspired action!

5. Gets you into a position of  allowing and receiving, as you begin to fulfill goals and attract  the things you choose into your life.

Poster boards, glue sticks,and scissors, magazines will be provided, however please bring your favorite magazines, quotes or pictures. Light refreshments will also be provided.

Register at https://dreamboardparty2017.eventbrite.com


This is a 8 week group designed for women in their 20’s and 30’s who want to experience personal growth. The group will address themes related to self esteem, body image, self care, relationship patterns, chronic stress, empowerment and self awareness. This is a unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other women in safe and confidential environment.

WOmen Group