It seems like these days the term Badass is being thrown all over the place as a term of strength. Women all of the world are embracing the idea of being a total badass.  I’d like to start by defining what being a badass and spiritual means.  In my opinion, a badass is person who is driven by values such as responsibility, justice, honor, courage, compassion, humility, integrity, and selflessness.  Now spirituality is about our ability to develop a sacred relationship with ourselves and in doing so we connect with our highest self.  Combine these two and you have an unstoppable woman.

Through my work as a therapist and life coach, meeting amazing women over the years and through my own personal journey, I’ve developed a list of tell tales signs that define women who are spiritual badasses.

1. She lives by her own code.

A woman who is spiritually grounded understands that she is the co-creator of her life.  She doesn’t allow other’s opinions of her to affect her decisions. She lives according her own beliefs and values. She knows that many people may have judgments about her or may try to talk her out of her goals and dreams, but she is so determined that she keeps moving forward.  Her daily manta is “what others think of me is none of my business”. 

2. She never gives up.

A badass is so focused on her goals, that she believes failure is not an option. She spends long hours working each day towards her goals and will make sacrifices because she knows it will be worth it in the end. She experiences setbacks but continues to push through them because her vision is fierce.

3. She has fears but don’t let the fears stop her from taking risks.

A spiritual badass is well aware that everyone has fears; however she knows that fears are just false evidence appearing real. She acknowledges her fears, but does not let them keep her stuck. She is always visualizing a successful outcome and takes risks even when she does not know what the outcome will be.

4. She constantly seeks opportunities and don’t wait for them to come her way.

A badass woman is always on the hunt for new opportunities.  She opens her self up to new ways to rebrand or market herself.  She does not want to stay stuck in the same place in life forever so she seeks out new possibilities for her life and new challenges to tackle.

5. She doesn’t let her past mistakes define her.

A spiritual woman knows that she is who she is because of her past mistakes and she uses those mistakes as life lessons. She doesn’t stay stuck or beat herself up for the choices that she made in her younger years.  She uses it as information to guide her as she moves though life. She understands wholeheartedly that mistakes are proof that she is trying.

6. She is always seeking self development opportunities.

Personal development is always at the forefront of a spiritual badass. She is always working on improving and enhancing herself.  She intentionally spends time reading, journaling, listening, networking, traveling, so that she can be her best self. She recognizes that self development is a lifelong process and is committed to making it true for her life.

7. She supports other women’s success and is not intimidated by another woman’s success.

A real badass is extremely supportive of other women.  She is not envious of other women but considers their success inspirational.  She does not feel the need to compete with other women; she chooses to embrace other women.  Her sense of self is not threatened by another women’s beauty or power because she is confident in her own self worth.

8. She loves herself deeply despite her imperfections.

A spiritual woman is well aware that she has imperfections. She is able to look beyond her flaws and accept herself regardless. She works to improve her flaws that are within her control and learns to accept those that she has no control of.  She believes that she is imperfectly perfect and she celebrates it.

9. She takes impeccable care of herself.

A badass takes good care of herself so that she can care for others in her life.  She makes sure that she nurtures her mind, body and soul. She integrates healthy food choices and makes fitness a priority.  She creates a balanced life for herself.

10. She has a genuine love for life.

A spiritual badass has deep gratitude for her life. She wakes everyday with a thankful heart and spirit. She spends time in daily prayer and knows that she is divinely covered. She lives her life with passion and purpose. She knows that each day is a precious gift from God and although her life isn’t perfect, she wakes up every day and shows for it.

I can’t say that every trait on this list applies to me, but each day it is my intension is to move closer to being this woman. I hope it is yours too.