Relationship Coaching

Relationships are an important part of our lives, however sometimes we may need to work on strengthening those relationships. Relationship coaching can help clients are assisted in clarifying and strengthening ANY relationship in their life. Relationship Coaching is NOT just “Couple Coaching.” It can be Mother/Daughter; Parent/Child; Supervisor/Employee; team Members/Team Leaders; etc.

Couples coaching is a powerful relationship for couples who are interested in having possibility, partnership and passion in their lives together.  Through couples coaching, you and your partner can co-create a vision for your lives together and chart your future.

If you want to create MORE in your relationship with your significant other, relationship coaching can help if you are committed to a better future for your relationship.  Good relationships just get better through the process of coaching because clarity and communication are enhanced.  My goal is to teach you skills and motivate you to incorporate those skills into your daily life. By supplying you with new information, skills, and “homework,” I will help you be accountable for the positive changes you decide to make in yourself and in your marriage or relationship.

Please note that Relationship Coaching is not “Couples Therapy,” just as life coaching is not psychotherapy.  Couples Coaching would not be ideal for clients that present with mental illness or deep psychological concerns from the past, including sexual abuse or major addictions that may be contributing to the couple’s relationship concerns. As a couples coach, I work with what is and what can be, not what was or has been formally diagnosed from mental or clinical perspective.

To learn more about how I can help you through relationship coaching, please complete the form for a consultation.

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