Couples/Maritial Therapy

Most of us that have been or are in relationships know that they can be very wonderful, especially when it’s new, however over time things can change and couples can grow apart.  This may happen earlier in the relationship for some couples or later in the relationship for other couples. Either way, there is usually an indication that the relationship requires attention. What many couples fail to realize that there is often a connection between their experiences earlier in life and how they operate in relationships. Couple’s counseling can help couples to address the issues that are causing stress in their relationship, while helping them to have a safe space to explore and understand their partner’s perspective. For some couples, they may just feel the need to fine tune their relationship much like a car.  And for others, they may just want to strengthen their bond so that they can maintain a lasting and loving relationship.  ID-10065207

Some questions to ask yourself when considering Marital or Couple’s Counseling:

  • Do you find yourself often finding fault and or criticizing your partner?
  • Am I satisfied with my marriage or relationships?
  • Do my relationships make me feel good about yourself?
  • Is my relationship with your partner as healthy or fulfilling as I would wish?
  • Has my sex life deteriorated, either in terms of frequency or quality?
  • Do your worries about your relationship cause you stress, tension, depression or headaches?
  • Do I argue all the time with my mate?
  • Is my relationship in trouble?
  • Concerns about infidelity?

ID-100104436If you can answer yes to one of more of these questions, couples counseling may be just the thing to help you and your partner work though many of these issues that couples face at various points in their relationship or marriage. I provide a safe place for couples to explore their frustration and conflicts they experience.

My goal is to help couples get to the heart of the matter so that they can start to feel closer and more connected.

Some ways that I can help:

  • Improving communication
  • Getting more from the relationship
  • Resolving conflict and reducing arguing
  • More satisfying intimacy and sex
  • Recovering from an affair and building trust
  • Facing transitions in life and in the relationship
  • Healing relational wounds

Pre-commitment and pre-marital counseling

ID-10092791Pre marital counseling helps couples to prepare for marriage. It can help ensure that you and your partner start your marriage with a stronger bond and clearer expectations of each other’s needs.  Counseling may also help you to identify areas of needs in the relationship and gain effective tools and skills to manage difficulties during your marriage.

Please note that on occasion it may be best for a couple to separate because the relationship is too volatile or detrimental to one or both parties. In these cases, I will either recommend that that couple’s counseling be terminated and/or may recommend individual counseling.

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