Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional

The Benefits of Counseling & Pyschotherapy

Psychotherapy is highly effective in helping clients to alleviate their suffering by understanding how emotional pain and unhealthy patterns of behavior prevent them from using change as a transformational agent. I believe that we all have the answers within us and therapy helps us to tap into that knowing that is essential for our growth.


I see therapy as a collaborative and interactive process. I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused, Mindfulness and Strengths based approaches as well as integrate other forms of therapy based on the unique needs of each client. I pledge to always treat you with respect and hold your confidences in highest regard. I will offer you a safe and supportive space for you to work through your most difficult issues.

As we know life is never a straight road, there are times when we are faced with tremendous pain, anger, guilt, self-doubt, stress, anxiety, depression or we just can’t seem to get out of the rut. While these experiences emerge from time to time, if they are a regular part of your life or if these feelings start to interfere with the quality of your life, it may be time to consider therapy. I welcome the opportunity to enter into a journey of healing with you.

I first came to Shenikka Moore at a period of intense life crisis. I was faced with complicated grief, trauma, and loss from a series of unexpected events affecting my family. Over the course of a year, Shenikka patiently helped me work through my grief, re-establish priorities in my life, and see the positive in my future. Through a personalized CBT approach, her work has provided a solid foundation for my slow but steady emotional recovery. I am so thankful for her insight and support, which has helped me come out the other side of those events as a happier and healthier person.                      

                                                                                                                               Former Client

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