Today I spoke with a close friend of mine.  Over a year ago, she lost her job and has been unemployed since.  What is amazing is that prior to becoming unemployed, she decided that she was no longer satisfied in the field that she was in and wanted to change careers.  She made the decision to pursue her passion and return to school to get her masters degree.  In the midst of pursuing her passion, she lost her job which has not been easy.  During this time, she found a way to make ends meet and work with a less than ideal budget. During this time, she applied for many jobs, but because she was new in her career, it was difficult for her to get hired, but she persisted.  It is amazing how she continued to live her life and be a joy despite this major transition.  I know that along the way, there were moments of despair, but one thing I can say is that she prayed that God would make this happen for her at the right time.   She had interviewed for a position a few months ago, and knew that she did a great job, but since she did not hear anything so she figured that it wasn’t for her.  Amazingly, she told me that she continued to pray for the person that got the job instead because they may have needed it more than she did. Can I say, WOW! So now months later, she was offered the position and gladly accepted.  But the job offer was not the reward, it was the lesson that she learned during this time. She learned that sometimes God humbles us to appreciate what he has in store for us.  What she said, is that she didn’t care what the salary was but that she would finally be able to have a job in her field.  And for that she was GRATEFUL.  And to think that in 2 months, she will be completing her masters program.  Sometimes, we have to go through the storm to appreciate the sunny days. Her story inspired me and I hope it inspire you as well.